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Shoe Goo II, Clear, 0.9 oz. Tube

Shoe Goo II, Clear, 0.9 oz. Tube

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*Pro Tip: Apply conservatively with a toothpick or other fine-tipped tool for best results.


Shoe GOO ll, formulated using a premium polymer technology, offers virtually the same performance characteristics you love with Original Shoe GOO, now with LOW ODOR! It is crystal clear and offers superb UV and water resistance. Permanently repair/protect all types of footwear!

  • Excellent adhesion to: leather, canvas, suede, rubber, fabric & many other substrates!
  • Solvent-free
  • Less than 3% VOCs
  • Dries crystal clear
  • UV resistant
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Permanent bond
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Abrasion resistant


Before use: Read directions and test small area for adhesion.

Surface should be clean, dry and free of dirt. For best adhesion on smooth, non-porous materials, lightly roughen surface before use. Ideal application temperature range is 50 to 95 ºF (10 to 35 ºC). Once fully cured, the adhesive can withstand temperatures from -40 to 200 ºF (-40 to 93 ºC) intermittently.

  1. Unscrew cap.  Puncture seal in neck of tube using pointer cap.
  2. For repairs: Apply directly to surfaces to be bonded or repaired. For repairing rubber and non-porous surfaces: Gently roughen area to be bonded, wipe area with alcohol, allow to dry. Spritz with water and apply glue & mate the substrates. Pull substrates apart and squeeze back together. For waterproofing and protecting: Apply using thin layers (spread with a disposable tool) to build a thick coating, allowing each layer to set 3-4 hours. For waterproofing rubber and non-porous surfaces: Gently roughen area to be bonded, wipe area with alcohol, allow to dry. Spritz with water and apply using thin layers as described above.*
  3. APPLICATION TO WET SURFACES: For quick emergency repairs, lightly mist the substrate with moisture prior to applying adhesive. Application on damp and wet surfaces may slightly affect adhesion.
  4. Remove air in the tube by squeezing product up nearly to the end of the opening, then tightly recap.
  5. Allow 24-48 hours for full cure. Depending on substrates and temperature, maximum bond strength may not be reached for up to 3 days.
  6. Clean uncured adhesive with rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, acetone or a dry cloth. Cured material may be removed with mineral spirits or by cutting or scraping. Not recommended for use on acrylic, vinyl, foam, polyethylene and polypropylene. For applications on vinyl materials, use Original Shoe GOO. Store in a cool, dry place.

* Ice can be used when applying as a coating for ease of spreading across surface.


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