IGUANA Pricing Menu

IGUANA Pricing Menu is available for you to view online, download or print. Please look it over, share it with others and related groups and inquire with any questions that it may generate! I look forward to sharing this new product with all of you very soon.


AE Suspension Link Instructions and Tips (.pdf) This document provides instructions and tips to install AE suspension links on SCX24-based rigs.

AE SETAE Super Beadlock Mounting Instructions (.pdf). This document provides tips, tricks and some templates to help you quickly turn any 1.0" tire into a comp-slaying, super-double beadlock!



GECKO24 Slider Profile (.dxf) // GECKO24 Slider Profile (.pdf) Use this link to download and freely create your own sliders or boatsides to compliment your GECKO24 chassis. While importing the file, ensure that your scale is set to 1 units = 1mm. Units should be set to millimeters as well.

U.ROCK Buggy Panel Livery Template (.pdf) Use this documents to create your own livery for your AE U.ROCK Buggy! Do your buggy proud and stand out in a crowd... This file will help you craft a high-quality vector-based livery of your own. 



U.ROCK Buggy Build (.pdf) // U.ROCK Buggy Build (.xlsx) A comprehensive list of the current parts and suppliers used to create AE's personal U.ROCK Buggy as of 9/12/22.