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SETAE™ 46mm (1.8") Super Double Beadlock Wheels

SETAE™ 46mm (1.8") Super Double Beadlock Wheels

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Form and function working together beautifully to bring you one of the best competition-grade double beadlock micro crawler wheels on the market! This is a set of 4 wheels (with your choice of rock ring rings) 4 hubs, 4 (2mm) Aluminum wheel spacers and all necessary mounting hardware! Tires not included. The 3D Printed material reacts with UV "Black" Light and appears to glow.

This is a often referred to as a "Super" wheel and it has several key advantages over traditional, much smaller stock and aftermarket wheels:

  1. Encapsulate larger knuckle weights and Super weight hangers inside of the wheel, out of the way of obstructions so they don't become "rock anchors".
  2. Little to no offset means a narrower track width if desired. Easier to squeeze through those tight gates in competition.
  3. Less sidewall flex = more lateral stability.
  4. LIGHTER!! Less tire and lighter materials puts less strain on your system and makes it easier to get up and over those seemingly impossible objects. A fully assembled wheel with Injora 65mm Pin Tire and foam weights only 20 g!
  5. A more predictable driving experience. You either have traction or you do not. The tire is less likely to unexpectedly release stored energy like others do when they begin to wrap up.

Installation of these wheels typically requires the end user to cut your inner tire bead. AE recommends trimming the bead of the tire to 38mm and slightly increasing the ID if desired. A template can be found under the "Documents" tab here.

*TIP: Orientate the center clamping ring as per below image for best results.



 Description Material Color Weight (ea.) Weight (SET)
6 x 10mm Hub PETG Neon Yellow 0.5 g 2 g
2mm Wheel Spacer 6061 Aluminum Clear / Silver 0.5 g 2 g
Center Clamp Ring PETG Neon Yellow 3 g 12 g
Inner Locking Ring 6061 Aluminum Clear / Silver Approx. 2 g Approx. 8 g
Outer Wheel Face 6061 Aluminum Clear / Silver Approx. 2 g Approx. 8 g
M1.4 x 5mm Hardware Black Oxide Black 1.25g (Qty. 18)  5g (Qty. 72)



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