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SCX24 Heavy Metal Knuckle Weight Hangers

SCX24 Heavy Metal Knuckle Weight Hangers

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The ultimate knuckle weight hanger has arrived! 5 tungsten ball bearings are sandwiched between 3 plates of a copper-zinc alloy to give you up to an additional 22 g in the most ideal location (low, wide, non-rotating, un-sprung). Fine tune the desired weight to your preference by adding or removing tungsten balls with ease. The location of the tungsten has been optimized to account for additional caster which is often ran by those with aftermarket or custom links to help keep the weight at the lowest point.

Designed specifically for the Samix Brass Heavy Steering Knuckle (P/N: SAMSCX24-4412) and secured in place with the included M1.6 hardware.

Currently only tested on Treal B-Type wheels with +4mm hex wideners. Not guaranteed to fit other wheel combinations. Please report back as you test with varying combinations. The OD of the brass discs is 22mm. Treal wheels have been found to have one of the largest openings which is why AE chose those wheels to design these weights around.


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