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SCX24 Brass Horseshoe Weight Hanger

SCX24 Brass Horseshoe Weight Hanger

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Solid brass knuckle weights designed to fit securely around the outside of the 11mm bearing retainers on most aftermarket SCX24 knuckles. The fitment should be relatively snug, and may need some careful motivation to evenly press onto the knuckle. AE recommends securing the weight hanger to the knuckle with a small dab of Shoe Goo, CA glue, or similar to keep the weight firmly in place.

The unique "horseshoe" design helps further lower your CoG by moving more weight below the centerline of the axle shaft. A simple "O" would add weight, but center that weight around the axle shaft. So, although this design is lighter than a traditional, round brass weight it's helping to lower your CoG by keeping that additional mass as low as possible. Weight can be rotated around the centerline of the axle shaft during tuning.

Now offered in two distinct sizes with different outside diameters:

ID x W x H = 11mm x 22mm x 16.4mm   //   weight = 11g (pair)

ID x W x H = 11mm x 20mm x 16.4mm   //   weight = 8g (pair)

*Note: Currently designed to only fit within a Treal B-Type wheel or similar without the use of hex spacers. The smaller weights are designed to sit inside of smaller wheels (Injora). If you're experiencing any binding with your wheels, add a 3mm ID shim (flat washer) to the outside of your wheel hexes to help distance your wheels from knuckle weight.


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