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M1.4 Scale Hardware Package

M1.4 Scale Hardware Package

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M1.4 x 3mm metal hex flange screws for use on mounting micro-sized beadlock rock rings to a wheel. Depending on the wheel and tire combination, it may be necessary to start the mounting by using 5mm-10mm long screws and work your way around the wheel in a "star" pattern until the bead is seated and these shorter, scale screws can be installed.


  • Qty. 100, scale hex flange screws
  • Thread: M1.4
  • Thread Length: 3mm
  • LOA: 4mm
  • Socket tip tool included

Treal B-type wheels: 15 screws on ring + 5 "lug screws" = 80 screws total

Injora 6-spoke wheels: 16 screws on ring + 6 "Lug screws" = 88 screws total


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