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AKERS Engineering

GECKO24 (SCX24 LCG Chassis)

GECKO24 (SCX24 LCG Chassis)

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This is the newest AKERS Engineering LCG chassis brought to the market. It has been engineered from the rocks up to give you as much performance as possible in an incredibly sleek, minimalistic footprint.

Competition-grade chassis aimed at maximizing key aspects of the SCX24. The front frame rails have been trimmed back to provide more clearance for over-sized micro servos. The rails themselves have also been shortened while maintaining enough overall length for most bodies to be mounted with ease.

Key Features:

  • LOA = 160mm (Stock is approx. 171mm)
  • better forward weight bias (skid approx 8mm further forward than stock)
  • 10° angled skid (more up-travel before upper links contact larger 050 motors)
  • raised center area will just barely allow batteries, electronics to clear driveshaft
  • adjustable shock tuning positions (lay the frame on the axle, or be a monster truck...)
  • numerous configurations with included crossmembers
  • no additional battery mount needed- use 4 screws and couple of the the included rubber bands to get creative
  • great strength to weight ratio


  • Qty. 2, frame rails
  • Qty. 2, crossmembers (for battery & electronics)
  • Qty. 4, 1/2" black rubber bands (Used for suspension tuning)
  • Qty. 2, 3/4" black rubber bands (Used for electronics mounting)

Ditch the excess 3D-printed parts and start building a rig that's well thought out and designed not to need them in the first place. Crossmembers should be adhered to the frame rails wherever you choose, AE recommends Shoe Goo II, available HERE.

"Komp King" Variation, as inspired by IG's @WeWereKings_RC has had its rear shock mounting location stretched 10mm. All while further shortening the front and rear chassis over-hang to make a super minimalistic chassis for those looking for every gram of performance and clearance. This chassis is great for those who want to run Deadbolt/Betty links in the rear.


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