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GECKO CMS Front Crossmember

GECKO CMS Front Crossmember

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This is a single GECKO CMS Crossmember for use in the front of the chassis. This is the plate that will be needed if you intend to run a Chassis-Mounted-Servo. Steering servo sits against the inside edge of the frame rail. A servo winch can then be added either vertically in the center of the crossmember or horizontally. Advantages to CMS are scale appearance and added SORRCA scale points. If using a vertical servo winch a battery up to 3S 2200 mAh can then be strapped into place on the right side. Electronics can be adhered to the top or underside of the crossmember as needed. The panhard mount is already integrated into the crossmember. Two mounting locations are available to assist with adjusting panhard length and the panhard angle can then be adjusted with various spacers.

  • material:  CNC machined from 3mm T300 high-gloss, plain-weave carbon fiber
  • AE TIP: Ideally your panhard link and draglink (steering link) should be the same length and at nearly identical angles. This will greatly help eliminate any incurred bumpsteer induced by the 3-Link system.


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