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1.0" Beadlock Rock Ring - "Redeemer"

1.0" Beadlock Rock Ring - "Redeemer"

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Add scale realism, real protection and increase performance at the same time with these custom beadlock rock rings. Designed specifically for use with Treal Hobby 1.0" B-Type beadlock wheel utilizing 15 mounting screws.

Rock rings are laser-cut from 1mm-thick metal alloys right here in the United States. Products are shipped with a RAW sanded finish and may need to be polished by the end user until the desired finish is achieved. However, the rings will be perfectly mountable as is and free of major burrs. Some discoloration and other byproducts of the CNC process may be present on one side.

Available material:

  • Copper

Pay attention to the orientation of the wheel during installation (wheels displayed in the "upright" position). If using scale hardware, start the installation with longer screws. Begin by slowly tightening the screws in a "star" pattern. Then add scale or shorter hardware and snug up the screws against the rock ring. Take caution to not over-tighten your hardware!

The internal "lug" holes look scale even when left empty, but can be easily tapped by the purchaser with a M1.4 x 0.3 tap. This link will take you to an example on Amazon.

Note: You will need a 4mm hex wrench with an OD equal to or less than 6mm. This link will take you to an example on Amazon.

*hardware not included. Scale hardware may be purchased separately.


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